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About Bailey Digital

Bianca Bailey digital marketing and web development

Bianca Bailey is the mastermind behind Bailey Digital. Her entrepreneurial exploration of the World Wide Web began in 2006 as an eBay seller of gently used items as well as dropshipping. She selected effective keywords for her products that were strong beacons for them.

After running successful eBay stores, Madame Bailey decided to take her talents to corporate America where she began working at Citysearch. There, she was a SEO copywriter / copyeditor for 2 years. While at Citysearch, she wrote for numerous types of businesses and was inspired to begin Consignment’s cousin Vintage (CcV) which is a website that promotes the Atlanta Resale Community.

Post her work experiences at Citysearch, she began studying web design, web development and social media management. The addition of these talents spawn Bailey Digital. She also exercised this knowledge with B Cuture Media, Conversion First Marketing and Georgia Power.


Every business has different digital marketing needs, but everyone needs a website that effectively translates what they offer and the ability to be discovered on the web. Here at Bailey Digital, we offer your business the ability to go a la carte and create your own package to reach that goal.

A La Carte

Check out our A La Carte Menu of web development, digital marketing and project management/administrative services and put together your own package. So, let’s get start on improving your digital presence and I look forward to meeting your needs.

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